Cmaballe is first and foremost the story of two green and ball enthusiasts, Pierre and Thibault. Together, they have run many courses and swung wherever they could.

From their practice was born a need, and a simple and original idea. Loving to stand out, they wanted to make their mark by identifying their golf balls.

Golf ball marker

By dint of confusing their balls with each other and with those of other players, they created, a clever tool to personalise and mark your golf ball.

For 10 years now, Cmaballe has been offering high quality products and service at equally high prices.

We help companies, individuals and all types of players to identify your golf balls. We help you to create and position your logos, your prints, your markings, your typos and other original images to make your balls a unique work, which can only be played by you.

We are developing our presence at all sporting events, tournaments and club houses. But our real added value remains our website It remains our knowledge to serve the quality of our products. Your customisable stamps will be designed to your image, with our skills.

Customise your golf ball with your logo

Throughout your purchase, you will be guided and assisted by our design services, to obtain our quality products, designed and manufactured in France. Our creation software, simple, fun and fast, will help you to obtain the stamp of your choice, with your image.

Your personalised stamp, chosen by you from our wide range, will be preciously packed and delivered to you in 3 days wherever you are.

We look forward to working with you!