5 good reasons to customise your golf balls
Marking your balls is to give them an identity of your own. It is a bit like your personal trademark. Some enthusiasts will personalise their balls with their initials, others will put the first names of their lovers.
The remote-controlled golf ball
Have you always dreamed of being a golf king (or even a miniature golf king)? It's possible, thanks to this ball from Nissan. To promote its autonomous driving system, the car giant has developed a golf ball that drives itself to the hole....
The most beautiful golf courses in the world
The number of golf courses in the world is mind-boggling: more than 40,000 courses available for golf enthusiasts. But some mythical courses stand out because of their exceptional locations, their exceptional difficulties or their atypical stories.
les montres GPS de golf
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Un parcours à ne pas manquer
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